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Bee sting from underground bee's

Syracuse, NY

Ok, well i was mowing my uncles yard yesterday and got attacked by a massive swarm of bees coming out of a baseball size hole in the ground. i was wondering what kind of bees these could be, also how long it takes for the pain and swelling to go down in leg, as i was stung twice and it really hurts. any information would be greatly appreciated.

Black Hole Dead center of picture is where they came out

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Marengo, IL

you're kidding, right?
at least you didn't say you got "bit by a bee!!!"
you were stung by hornets or wasps that live in the ground. Honeybees NEVER live in the ground. Honeybees leave a stinger in your skin. Hornets & wasps can sting repeatedly, without losing their stinger.
Wasps & hornets are the arch enemies of honeybees. They build up their brood in the fall to insure their survival and collect anything containing sugar including pop, fruit on the ground, hummingbird food, etc.
When you locate the hole, you can put a fishbowl or glass on top at night when they are dormant. They will starve & die in about a week. Or you can can use "wasp & hornet killer" and saturate the hole anytime during the day or night.
Benedril or antihistamine will reduce the swelling from stings.
Good luck-beekeeper

Hereford, TX

Bumble bees nest in holes in the ground, and I think there are other types of bees that nest in the ground also.

We would need a better description to know for sure.

Marengo, IL

I have seen bumblebees nest in the ground.
Hornets typically nest in the ground.
Wasps build paper nests above ground.
Bees of most species seem to prefer to nest in wood. Mason bees drill solitary holes in wood, honey bees find hollow trees.

Elkhart, IA(Zone 5a)

We've had bumble bee nests in the ground..HUGE bumble bees. The ground is in constant motion from the bees moving under their grass nest. We have just learned to mow around them and leave them alone.

Mint Hill, NC(Zone 7b)

I'm going to say it is a yellow jacket nest in the OP. They have their nests in the ground among other places. They are nasty little buggers and hurt like heck when they sting you. Usually it takes about 3 days for the hurt to totally go away. The first day it usually throbs for a good while then it slowly quits hurting over the next few days. You want to get rid of any nest of will only get larger with time and more likely someone will get stung more than a couple of times when the nest is disturbed.

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