Ancient History

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

When I was a kid my father raised Quarter Horses. We had a mare, a blue roan, her name was Venice Blue and she was mainly shown in halter classes..I think she had her A.Q.H.A. championship...not sure...Well I was in the barn one day and I heard someone ask my father, what he would take for that mare? He answered, "There isn't enough money in the world, I love that horse" A month or so later we had an auction, and when they led Venice into the ring, I started crying because I thought my father would be sad. All the women in the stands around me, started crying too. (I was about 7 or 8 years old at the time, and very cute) someone put me in the lap of a man whose name was Rex Cauble and he asked me if "I would stop my crying, if he bought that little ole mare for me" I sobbed, "Yes" (I was not dumb) So he bid for her...and the way he said the bid, no one touched it. He said: "I bid $5,000 for that mare, for little Miss Wheeler here" Turns out my father had expected her to sell for a lot more than $5,000 he was mad!!His response to being asked what he would take for her, was just horse trader talk...I was too young to understand that.

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