hardy palms

Stamford, CT(Zone 9a)

i have several hardy plams that I need to find homes for ... I am moving and want to make certain they go to good homes

they have been in the ground for years with some winter protection here in Stamford Ct ( zone 6 ) they need to be dug out

convince me that you know how to care for them

trachycarpus and rhapidophyllum

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San Diego, CA

I think there are many reasons youv'e had no reply's to this post. I'll simply say Your question has multiple various scenarios,and is way too broad. It's a fine thing to offer if your'e giving them away to capable owners.Maybe You could make a species list up,and ask people why they love this or that particular Palm....Lance

Stewart, TN

I cannot take them but I have a question about hardy palms, if you don't mind.

I have a hardy banana, musa basjoo, which has spent the last three years in a large pot and overwinters in the basement. It's now about 12 feet high and probably tired of the pot. I had intended to plant it in the ground this year and thought fall would be okay to do that. Zone 6 here, Middle Tennessee. Usual first frost date late in October.

Another year in the basement and plant next spring or summer, or okay to plant now?

Thank you. (If planted I will mulch carefully with straw and burlap, etc.)

Sumter, SC(Zone 8a)

Your musa basjoo would be much happier if you overwinter 1 more year season, and plant it next spring after all danger of frost.

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