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Elkay e-granite sink or Blanco granite

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Any experiences?

I thought I'd go with stainless steel -- but we have iron in the water and the site on how to manage the sinks states that iron in the water will stain the sink a rust color eventually. Plus you have to clean in the same direction and avoid bleaches etc. etc. with the stainless steel.

I saw the Elkay sinks at a plumbing store and really like the look and the feel.
No staining and can use bleach and other cleaners with chlorides (important for paranoid medical professional)
I have heard that boiling water poured in it (without running the cold) can cause issues.
I know that Blanco makes this type of sink also. Anybody have one and what do you think about the granite composites in general?

Lakeville, MN

These are good sinks. Better than stainless steel. Pretty pricey but well made and very sturdy. I shouldn't think that you would have a problem with rust but clean them with the iron removing stuff "Whink" and you should be ok. Test a spot first though. Get the one bowl deep sink. You will never regret it. So handy and better for those too big for the sink pans and soaking stuff.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I got the 'Ascend' Swanstone/granite composite in black.
It is essentially a one bowl but with a raised portion to put rinsed things.
It arrived in great shape -- got it from 'E Faucets" well wrapped quick delivery.
A fraction of the cost as compared to Ferguesons (chain plumbing supply) -- which was double plus.

Got the Grohe faucet there too again well wrapped --great shape. The faucet cost more than the sink!!!

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