Do VFTs need light during dormancy?

Hinsdale, IL

I've learned that VFTs need to go through a dormant period. It was going to be put in the crawlspace or garage, but will it die from lack of light, if I do this? .Also, do I need to give it moisture during dormancy?

north coast nsw, Australia

Yes I THINK they do still need light if your leaving it in the pot, i have heard of people storing them in the fridge though so maybe not. If in the pot don't let it dry out but they do need less water, they can rot easy in winter. Sorry i can't be much help. Mine don't really die down here, not cool enough, does yours die right away? I'd unpot it and store it if it does.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

My VFTs spend all winter in the fridge. Some people even cut off all the leaves.

No issues at all. Just check for fungus once a month and spray with a sulfur based fungicide if needed.

I take mine back out in late Feb./early March and put in a sunny window until last frost.

Hinsdale, IL

Thanks for the info tommyr2006. I plan to put mine in the unheated crawlspace under my house, when the nights get down to the mid 20s. Then bring it outside when the temps are 35. I'll have that sulfer based fungicide on hand, in case it's needed.

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

Tommy is absolutely correct. Here's a care sheet to help you out.

I can't help you. In Florida it doesn't get cold enough long enough for dormancy which is a hinderance to the VFT.

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