making soy candles, any wicking advice?

Hudson, FL

Hey out there. I am new to candle making and need some help. I am having problems with finding the right type of wick. I am using ecosoya advanced and bought the reccommended LX wick which would barely burn. I have also purchased the golden brand 464 and going to try the eco 14 wick for my 3 in container. I see this is going to be trial and error but if anyone could offer some suggestions or advice it would be great!

Colonia, NJ

Hey Cndlrookie...

Unfortunately, I do not have any advice for you, but WAS wondering if you got any answers from anywhere else. I, too, am having the same issues. I'm using the EcoSoya CB-Advanced wax, a size LX-22 wick in a 8 oz. mason jar with a 3.25 diameter. I found that my candles are burning with a very small (almost none-existent) flame and tunnel through the wax. Any suggestions?

South Dennis, NJ(Zone 7b)

Hi guys....are you still there?

I haven't been active on the forums for a while, and I just found this thread.

Don't you just hate those drowning wicks? I've been there. After a year and a half of experimenting with various wicks and waxes, it's down to this: I use 464 wax exclusively, use CD-14 wicks for most jars, and for large containers (3" and over), I double wick with CD-14. Even wicking up to CD-18 and CD-20 did not create a melt pool all the way to the container walls in apothecary size jars. Actually, double wicking is easier to get right than trying to center a single wick perfectly.

cndlrookie, your Eco-14 is the same strength as CD-14. Just try using two in a 3" jar. I'm sure it will work for you.

I tried 444 wax, the one that will supposedly accept a greater amount of fragrance oil, and I couldn't discern any better throw. Using more FO in this wax now just seems like a waste. Then there's the so-called "advanced" wax, which has NO THROW at all! I was so impressed with the perfect, creamy tops this wax made, that I ordered 50 lbs. Big mistake. There is a certain heaviness to this wax, and that may be why the wicks struggle. Fragrance certainly struggles in this wax. It can't get out!

I am also in the process of eliminating all FOs that are not nice and strong. I don't want to have to stand directly over a candle to catch its fragrance. I use 1.5 oz FO per pound of 464, and this always works nicely with oils that are assertive to begin with. Two of my strong-arm favorites are Rose Bouquet (Peak) and Fresh Lemon Sugar (Aroma Haven).

All this trial and error and testing and experimenting gets very expensive. I hope I've been able to help somewhat.

Johnstown, OH(Zone 6a)

winterrobin -- thanks for the helpful post.

South Dennis, NJ(Zone 7b)

Oh, you're certainly welcome! I always hope I can be helpful.

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