Any Roadster Drivers Like to Garden Too?

Bajamar, Mexico

Are there any gardeners out there, who not only like getting dirt under their fingernails, but occasionally grease too? When the growing season winds down I tend to move into the garage, and tinker with the roadster, so it will be top down ready when the weather permits.

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Missouri City, TX

Nice ride.

Used to race a Datsun 1500 back in the '60's. Owned 4 Datsun Roadsters - 65, 66, 69, and another 66. Learned to drive and race in a Porsche 1600 and owned a 1500, once.
Test drove one of the first five 911 coupes in America in 65 - amazing to be on a freeway where cars driving about 70 seemed to be going backwards @ 60.

Been gardening most of my life, but there is nothing more fun than a winding, hilly road with no or very little traffic.
Love drifting through corners, and getting air borne down hills with dips.

Some say I corner faster than most drive in a straight line - lol.

Been hooked on Subaru's since 83, tho. Just bought a 2010 Legacy - (5th Subaru).
Nothing like full time 4wd.

Bajamar, Mexico

Hi Bubba, I know what you mean about driving faster in the twisty's then the straight away's. That little Pontiac was made with roads like that in mind. There's a stretch of Baja 1 from my village to Ensenada that's 16 miles of very twisty, very gorgeous scenery. I usually make it in nine minutes. Having a manual five speed, track suspension, and 320 hp doesn't hurt either. Although I normally only go that fast when I'm alone. If there's a passenger I find that the screaming is too distracting.

It must have been kick driving those first 911's. Wouldn't it be great to have one of those now? I've got AWD/4WD on my 05' Durango. It's actually the daily driver, because the Pontiac doesn't hold much in the way of cargo, and I can get lot's of plants, soil and big pots in the Dodge. Not to mention a few big rocks for landscaping.

Got any photos of your Subaru?

Missouri City, TX

Not many. I'll have to look for some.

Here is our favorite Subaru - a 90 Legacy SL - bought it new 09/09/89 - has well over 360k miles - still runs like a top. Just spent $3k replacing the brakes, struts, and front end steering parts. Other than body and interior needing a complete "facelift" - it's like a new car. In late 1998, had all the seals in the engine replaced - had compression checked - 3 were down just 5 pounds and one was down 10. Dealer said if that one had been less than 7 - it would have met factory spec for a new car.

This picture was pulling a dead limb out of a tree after Hurricane Ike.

Currently this car serves as my "truck" there are usually about $2-3k worth of carpentry tools on board. I can completely rebuild a stick-built house with what's inside.

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Bajamar, Mexico

360k! Wow, that's incredible. You have obviously taken great care of it. I've been pretty good with both my cars, and will probably not buy a new vehicle for many years. The Pontiac only has 18k on it over three years, which means I don't drive it allot, but when I do it's usually top down, and drive it like I stole it. Hopefully I'll be able to get as many miles on it as you have.

Missouri City, TX

When I had the roadsters, our motto was - "If the sky ain't fallin, the top WILL be down". That meant driving with parkas on sometimes - LOL.

I found that a mild rain storm was OK - above 40 MPH, only my forehead and hair would get wet, but once on a road trip with a friend from San Antonio to Larado, wound up in a "frog strangler" of a tropical wave - could not drive fast enough. At about 70 the car would hydroplane, and below that we got soaked.

Took off my glasses and looked just over the windshield - was ok that way -wet, but at least I could keep it in my lane.

We passed a family in an old Rambler wagon. The kids were pointing and laughing at us. My friend and I just smilled, waved, and we motored on.

When we got to Larado, it was sunny and hot - humidity was near 100%. We were there to film a football game - [email protected]#$ film kept sticking in the camera's - it did not get wet on the trip down, but seemed to act like a sponge when we loaded it into the camera.

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