Corn Plant Questions!

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ(Zone 7a)

I just bought one of these, It's a housewarming gift for my BIL. What do I need to tell him about it? It realy is beautiful and I am hoping it will stay that way for him. I know they aren't all that difficult to care for. Lighting, watering, anything else you can tell me I am all ears :)
THanks in advance, Holly

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Agawam, MA

Hi Holly,
I've only had one of these for a couple of months, but here's what I've found so far:

Light - medium/low (I have mine near an East window)
Water - soil evenly moist, but not waterlogged
Temp - doesn't like cold draughts

Other - in my experience, I have found the roots to be delicate, it didn't respond well to repotting or fertilizer.
HTH, Cindy

New York, NY(Zone 6a)

Cindy has provided good information. I would add that it is important not to repot this plant. In low light, allow the soil to get dry at least one quarter of the way down before watering. In bright light, allow the top inch to dry before watering. Occasionally the canes tilt. Just straighten them and tamp the soil in tight around the cans to hold them vertical.

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