Huge Chinese evergreen

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ(Zone 7a)

IS the care for this the same as it would be for it's smaller companions. I will take a picture of it tomorrow, I can't take one now because hubby is asleep on the couch and the flash will wake him up. Though I could move it. Well you may get one tonight if I feel up to
Anyways what do I need to know about this one. It really is beautiful and I love the size. I like the smaller ones as well. But this is the first time I have seen a big one. And for $7 it was a great price.
Thanks for any help you can give

(edited) here is a link to where I have pics of it.

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New York, NY(Zone 6a)

Holly - Yes, all varieties of aglaonema have the same care requirements: Bright indirect light; allow the soil to dry an inch down; fertilize sparingly; don't repot; and prune back stems when they get leggy.

BTW, I noticed the ? by your yucca photos. If you are unsure about your yucca ID, it is yucca elephantipes.


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