Question about indoor lighting..

(Tracey) Mobile, AL(Zone 8b)

I have read post after post that even looked related but have been unable to find the answer to my question...

I have placed several hoya in my large bathroom.. On shelves, garden tub, vanity, etc. This room has alot of flourescent lighting but NO natural light (no window at all). If it was not an internal room I would have my hubby but out the wall and give me some REAL light.. However as that is impossible I need move on to my question...

I understand that as light travels it gets weaker... If I put these plants in hanging baskets and bring them closer to the light source will that really make any difference?? or... Do I need to install grow lights closer to the plants?

I want my Garden Tub to really be a "Garden Tub". LOL

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Yes, light energy falls off quickly. It is based on the inverse square law.

So that means you either need to move plants closer to the lights or vice-versa or get brighter lights if you want your plants to flourish. Some plants can do well in less light while others simply refuse to grow.

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