Anyone recognize this one?

(Zone 1)

I have a few begonias and a couple of tags have gone missing. I bought this Begonia about 4 years ago and can't find the label anywhere ... possibly dispersed by squirrels as a bunch of my orchid labels were. I had a Begonia 'Torch' and I'm wondering if this is it? I'm so not good at comparing photo's for identifying so I thought I'd see if anyone here recognizes this particular begonia.

This is an old picture, the plant stays outside on my deck and it's dark so I will get a better photo tomorrow along with a pic of another one that the tag seems to have gone missing.

Thumbnail by plantladylin
Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Probably B. 'Torch'.

Here is mine for example.

Thumbnail by hcmcdole
(Zone 1)

That's it! Thanks so much! I still have one other that I need to try and remember the name of and will get a picture later and post to see if anyone recognizes it.

Thanks again!


Irving, TX

I agree it is definitely Torch. I just got some cuttings of this plant and am rooting them in water.

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