I found one!

Irving, TX

I have been searching diligently for a large terrarium that I can use in my house. Most have been out of my price range. I was driving around in my neighborhood on Saturday and saw that a large aquarium, at least 30 gallons, was for sale. When I asked the price imagine my surprise when they said five dollars! I was thrilled. All I need now is some type of cover. I was thinking about cutting a piece of wood paneling to fit the top or maybe a sheet of glass custom cut. Any other ideas? I would appreciate some advice.

(Zone 1)

Congrats on that great find for only $5.00!! I guess plywood would work, although isn't plywood heavy? Or, you could try to find plexiglass/heavy plastic to cut to size. Alos, maybe call around to local aquarium shops and see if anyone might have a spare hood/light from an old tank that they'd be willing to give away or sell cheaply!

Have fun planting up your new terrarium and please share pictures when it's all done ... how about a before, during and after thread showing the process?

South, TX

I would get glass cut to fit, but plexi would work too. Congrats!

Bolingbrook, IL(Zone 5a)

If you could find a frame that is just a little bigger than the terrarium and then put a piece of glass in the frame it might make a nice top. Maybe even a colored piece of glass from a stained glass store. They would help you find the right size and cut any glass to size. Unless of course you like to do mosaicís. That would let some light through and also cover the terrarium. There is a stained glass forum here and I am sure they would also be happy to help you.

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