Bolingbrook, IL(Zone 5a)

We have a small collection of Roseville pottery. Has any one seen this type of pottery? We pretty much stopped collecting it but I still have some out for display in a cabinet. Also I used to collect vasiline wear. It has actual radio active material in them which is beautiful in the black light. I always took a little black light with me to shop for them. It glows and they are easy to spot. When they were in production they did not know that the radio active stuff could actually make a person sick so I imagine there was a pretty good turn over at the factory. I love them! My sister told me that they can still cause tumors, and idea that I just laughed at. Until I got a tumor!! So I have packed it away until I decide what do with it. It is beautiful stuff and I am really sorry that I cannot collect it any longer. It is just as well, we have had mountains of medical bills this year.

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