Search turns to desperation

Agawam, MA

Hi all,
Has anyone gotten frustrated searching for a plant? A couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to add a watermelon peperomia (P. sandersii) to my peperomia collection. I started casually looking, figuring they were pretty common and would pop up somewhere - I still haven't found one, so now I'm on a mission! So, if anyone happens to have one and could spare a few leaves for trade or SASE, that would be great. If not, feel free to share your plant search-in-vain stories.

Petaluma, CA

I looked in Glasshouse works, and they have a comparatively expensive clone of P.argyeria (sp?) from the NY botanical garden. It's lovely in the photo. You can scroll down to its listing and look at it here:
They would likely send a really small one or a rooted cutting, but they've never sent me a bad plant.
They've had just about everything I've been wanting & couldn't find elsewhere. Of course they've also had a lot of plants I didn't know I NEEDED until I read the description in their catalogue...

Agawam, MA

Thanks PerL!!

Agawam, MA

Whoa! I see what you mean. I guess I need more than that Watermelon peperomia.
Thanks again, CIndy

Hamlet, IN(Zone 5a)

I have been searching for a rope hoya it seems forever. I am really getting frusterated as I really want this plant. But living in a rural area with no nurserys guess I will be looking for a long time.But when I am on a quest I never give up!!! Lol. Doris

Petaluma, CA

Here's a link to the page containing their Hoyas. I don't see it listed, but the Latin name for it is usually listed as H.carnosa 'Crinkle Curl.'
Just scroll down to the Hoyas...
and I hope you enjoy...
:) perL
ps. they'll have it again eventually, and there's some small likelihood it could end up in the Collection.

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