Need Zamia saving advice, please

Palm Springs, CA

I just 'inherited' 2 zamia furfurs from a friend who passed away. They are in sad shape. They look like they haven't been watered in several months . The fronds are sunburned and very long (almost 3 feet). Many leaf stalks were dead and I h trimmed those off. But several on each plant are still green...tho they are BADLY sunburned. The leaf stalks are NOT upright, They grow out from the caudex and then touch the ground (obviously from lack of light). My gut reaction is to trim them all back to the caudex and give the plants a fresh start. I'm afraid I'll kill the plant if they remove all the' leaves'. I know to water less if I cut them all away. I'd like to save the plants. I have several large zamias of my own...but have only ever trimmed off dead stems. I am in zone 9B (Sunset zone 13) and cycads grow very well here under morning sun and high shade. I assume that if I trim them back I should NOT repot them at the same time (double the plant stress ???)
These are in 5 gallon nursery cans.
Any advice would be appreciated. I'd like these orphans to have a second chance.
Thanks very much,Gary

Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

you can safely trim off all leaves and repot at same time... trimming off leaves is minimal stress for a cycad.

Palm Springs, CA

Thanks PalmBob,
I just did the surgery and took off all the leaves and re-potted.It was gut-wrenching but I did it. I appreciate your help.

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