My redwood seeds

Noblesville, IN(Zone 5a)

Can anyone tell me if these need to have a cold period before they will germinate? I can't seem to find info on them. Anybody

Hi Honibee,do you happen to know the name of the tree?

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)


High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

try this link... it might help...

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

This information is about Sequoia sempervirons or coastal redwoods. Seedling Development
Redwood seed generally is ready to germinate soon after it falls to the ground if seedbeds are moist and the weather is warm enough. As a rule, seed do not require pre-treatment for germination. Occasionally, germination has been improved by stratification, indicating slight and variable seed dormancy.

Mineral soil is the best seedbed, but seed will germinate readily in duff, on logs, in debris, or under other vegetation, and in either shade or full sunlight if adequate soil moisture is available (19, 21, 23, 41, 43, 52). Redwood seed germination is epigeous.

New redwood seedlings require a greater supply of soil moisture for survival than that needed by seedlings of most associated trees. Late spring and early fall rains can be critical survival factors (23). Redwood seedlings on fully exposed soil can withstand considerable surface heat if their roots have reached an abundant permanent moisture supply. Otherwise, they die before soil surface temperatures reach 140 F. (23).

In its early stages redwood grows rapidly in both height and diameter. Seedlings often grow 18 inches in the first season (11) and trees 4 to 10 years old commonly grow 2 to 6-l/2 feet in a year (31).

Juvenile growth of redwood is best in full sunlight. Although redwood seedlings can endure heavy shade, growth may be slow (19). Photosynthesis in redwood is remarkably efficient at low light intensity. This tree grew vigorously in much weaker light than 12 other tree species studied. For example, it increased its size 8.8 times in 10 percent of full sunlight in a 9-month period, more than twice the growth of any other species. For appreciable growth Engelmann spruce and Douglas-fir require twice as much light as redwood. Pines require three to four times as much (2).

A diurnal temperature variation is not required for maximum growth of redwood seedlings (30). Roots developed better in the laboratory at a soil temperature of 64 F. than at 46 and 82 (29).

A l-year-old tree may have roots only 3 inches deep in compacted soils, but in loosened soils roots will be more than 12 inches deep and abundantly branched (19).

Radial growth of redwoods in Mendocino County at points 4, 9, and 20 miles from the coast did not vary very markedly in growth pattern.

Radial growth began after mid-March, increased to a maximum in late May, and then declined at fairly uniform rate to a minimum at the end of September. Growth was negligible from October 1 to March 15 (3).

Noblesville, IN(Zone 5a)

Thank you for the info. It is helpful. I hope I can grow at least one of the trees.

Good Luck HoniBee' The Sequoia is one of the most majestic trees I've ever seen' When we moved to Ca.very young,our first family trip was to the Yosemite National Forest' I still have a pic of our vehicle going through,yes through the base of one' The road went through and the trees are so tall barely could see the sky above us' Guess that's when I became a real tree lover,lol' Haven't been back but sure hope that wonderful tree is still growing' Thanks also for the memories you have sparked for me,lol' Please keep us all posted' Sis'

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Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

Good luck with your seeds. If you can't get it going I can always send you a seedling!

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