How to Force Dormancy?

Long Island, NY(Zone 7a)

I grew amaryllis indoors in pots last winter. Some, but not all, bloomed. I meant to plant them in the ground over the summer, but I didn't get around to it - they stayed inside in pots where I watered and fertilized them.

Around Labor Day, I stopped watering. Amazingly, they still have green foliage.

What should be my next step? Do I need to remove the bulbs from their pots or can I leave them in there? How long before I begin watering again?


Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)


Do you have a cool dark place you can put them? I'd leave them in the pots with the roots intact, it'll help for better blooms! If you can, put it in a dark cool closet or basement for 6-8 weeks and it should really encourage dormancy and scape elongation.

Long Island, NY(Zone 7a)


Thanks for your response.

I can certainly find a closet to keep the pots in. Should I cut off the green or leave it on?

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Leave the green on, it will naturally yellow in the dark with no water :)

Long Island, NY(Zone 7a)

Ok, will do. Thanks!

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Let us know how it goes :)

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