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Anonymous Fuchsia....

Pittsburgh, PA(Zone 5b)

One of these may (or may not) be the fuchsia I picked up, unnamed, at a garden center this summer. Mine looks very similar. The leaves on mine really show their purple.

I've tried to bring it indoors for the winter and It's in a bit of shock, dropping leaves. I'm wondering if it is a deciduous/dormacy requiring plant or will be evergreen in the house.

Should I continue to keep it under a light to recover or put it in the basement with the salvias?

I'd love to attach a picture but it has no flowers and few leaves at the moment....

Freedom, CA(Zone 9b)

I've over wintered fuchsias indoors. But last winter was my first attempt. There are threads here about this, with people in colder climates than mine who know much more about it. In my case, they did great and even bloomed. I just made sure they got lots of sunshine. As much direct sun and I could provide indoors. The variety of fuchsia you have is one that many people have stored over winter in a dormant state. Otherwise, the triphylla's don't naturally have a decidous period. If you look at my thread on bonsai fuchsias, the one named "Amber Rose" has been growing indoors since last fall and has been blooming almost all the time. I just recently pruned it again and will be taking an update photo to post in that thread soon. I used a deep tray full of gravel for any plant I grow indoors no matter what it is. Just try not to let the water in the gravel get deep and stagnate or it will breed little flies and smell bad. But that same water provides humidity around the plants and allows you to water well with good drainage. Fuchsias are much tougher plants than most people realize, they can come back from losing all of their leaves and all live parts above ground. They will come back up from underground. Let us know how it goes!

Pittsburgh, PA(Zone 5b)

Thanks Pedrick's!
I'm on my way to look at that bonsai thread!

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