October doings

Waddy, KY

We sort of fell by by wayside this summer on a monthly thread and since Kathleen isn't here anymore to start the thread I thought maybe I would.

We are super dry here. Haven't had more than a quarter of an inch at any one time since July 4th. We've been feeding hay almost all summer. I didn't even bother with fall plantings because it was going to involve soaker hoses and sprinklers so the turnips and greens stayed in the packets and I never bothered to try to find cabbage and broccoli plants. The tomatoes finally started to grow after I stunted them with Round up and would have made a tremendous crop if they'd have had the time. I was watering them with a soaker. As it was I picked a lot of green tomatoes for pickles and relish. Now if it will rain I'll take up the fabric mat and plastic that was around them. As it is the landscape pegs are so firmly stuck in the ground there's no hope until then.

Cows are freshening for the fall run. Right now we've got one pair at the house with her calf because it appears she broke her front leg. We've got it spinted with a PVC pipe and vet wrap. Hopefully it'll heal straight enough for her to be useful. If not, I'm not keeping another cripple bovine around here. One is plenty.


Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

We got done with corn harvest last Friday. Yippee...........ended up with about 5,000 more bushels than we had anticipated. Price was $2.00 higher than we anticipated when we did a "what if" with the tax lady the end of August. Bean price was more too, so "Unkie" should be well pleased, especially with the livestock auction of Oct. 1st. Corn payment will be deferred till January, so instead of the US Gov't. buying a whole fleet of bombers, it will only be half a fleet. LOL

Horrid windy here the last couple of days. Hope it simmers down as I am sick of it. Almost blew the van off the road when I went to the dentist this aft. Sposed to be 27 Thursday night. Yuck.

Guess the 2 grands will be coming to stay with Gramma and Grampa Thursday and Friday when their dad (our DS) is at work. No school due to Teachers Convention. Aleigh's birthday was the 21st, but that wasn't DS weekend to have them, so there will be a birthday party this coming Sunday. I can only imagine what they will want to do while they are here. Aleigh loves to "do makup". Austin likes the purple stuff I've got to spray in hair.........

Ya know, it sure is nice I don't have to go to the barn anymore. :>)

Waddy, KY

Combining corn and beans is decent weather sure beats being out there in the blowing cold with a nice breeze blowing down your neck doesn't it?

Blew like a banshee here on Tuesday. There were a few tornados confirmed here and there but we lucked out. We did get and inch and a half of greatly needed rain.

I'd say that Uncle would be very happy with a good corn and bean harvest plus the capital gains or whatever that is on the sale of the cows. Could you income average on your taxes to help out the bill on this year?

I'm seeing a lilt and spring in your typing that I didn't see when you had to go to the barn on a regular basis. It's good to see you happier and enjoying things.

They've put the finish on the floors at the house. I haven't had the chance to get up there and see what they look like. I don't know if I'll go before tomorrow because if I can't walk on them there's not much I can see. I'm trying to pick tile for the kitchen backsplash and not having much luch at that. Guess I'm on my way to Lexington to look at more.

The girls got about half the herd moved to the hill farm Sunday. DH was with me at market and was sure things wouldn't go smoothly but DD #2 knows her cows is quite capable of getting the job done. I think DH underestimates his children sometimes. The world continues to turn even when he's not there to boss. Now maybe we can cut down on some hay and grain feeding.

Not looking forward to colder weather but I know it's got to come sooner or later and we are looking into November.

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