Synandrospadix vermitoxicus seeds

I have a few to share if anyone is interested in them. Just send me a D-mail.

noonamah, Australia

That looks deadly! I'd be even worried just to say the name, LOL.

Ha ha Tropic, yep it's kind of a vicious sounding name for such a pretty plant;-)

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

Only vicious if you are a rodent! The plant is great for people up north because it goes dormant in winter, but in the growing season looks pretty tropical and exotic, yet not too large.

Fort Myers, FL(Zone 10a)

Rachel, what a beautiful plant! I'd never heard of it before, that I can remember, and had to look it up.

noonamah, Australia

"Vermi" usually derives from the latin name for worms, which suggests it might be toxic to worms. Looked up the Aroid site, that's a very nice looking plant. A bit reminiscent of Typhonium (and some other aroids). Where does it originate?

Thanks LariAnn and Marianne.

Tropic, from what I have read this species is found across Peru, Bolivia and Argentina (Salta).

Irving, TX

Thanks for your generosity. I am planting my seeds today. Wish me luck!

I think they will do fine but if not, let me know. The seeds I planted, germinated in about three weeks and are doing good.

Irving, TX

Tomorrow will be one week. Two more to go.

Irving, TX

One seed has sprouted. How cool!

Sounding good Dude.

Keaau, HI

Hey Rachel!

In the plant a tropical annual?

Hi Dave. The plant has a dormancy period even in it's natural habitat.

Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

Rachel that looks like one cool plant! It would be neat to go in a container. Do you have anymore seeds to spare?

It is a very beautiful plant and yes, I have three seeds left that I will send to you. D-mail me your address and I will get them right out to you.

Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

That's awesome Rachel! What are you looking for that I can send you in return?

Just give me an update on how the seeds do for you. That is all that I ask.

Wishing you, happy growing.

Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

Thank you, Rachel! I'll keep you posted.

Irving, TX

I now have four seedlings. I am just wondering... I think I will move them to the greenhouse tonight. How much light can these plants take if I build it up slowly?

Warren, I grew mine in part sun last year but I've read they grow in full sun or bright shade. This link has some good information concerning this plant.

Irving, TX

Great article. It says that seeds set is rare. How did you get your seeds?

I must have been lucky.

Irving, TX

Here is what my seeds have done so far.

Thumbnail by begoniadude
Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

Way to go, begoniadude!!! Did you soak the seeds first before planting?

Rachel, the seeds came in! Thank you so much!!

Irving, TX

No I planted them in some potting soil. Watered thoroughly. Put the container in a zip lock bag and put it under lights. It has taken about a month to get to where we are today.

Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

Thanks for the info, begoniadude!!

Your seedlings are looking good Dude and thanks for letting me know your seeds arrived PerennialGirl.

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

Here's some tips on growing Synandrospadix. I've grown large ones to blooming and seeding, and just recently grew two from seeds to blooming size. They seem to respond well to very moist soil. What I did last year is I put the pot in a saucer that allowed me to keep weak fertilizer water in the saucer at all times. Every 3 or 4 days, I'd dump out the old water, let the pot drain for a few minutes, then water it with fresh Miracle Gro fertilizer solution (1/2 to 1/4 label rate). The corms went from being about an inch in diameter to being 4+ inches in diameter, and one is going to bloom this year.

They won't do too well if allowed to become too dry. The soil mix should be well draining to provide root aeration, but not dry.

Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

LariAnn, thanks for the tips!!

I appreciate the tips as well LariAnn. My adult plant is up and growing so I've been wondering just how much fertilizer I should start giving it.

Thank you.

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

A constant feed is preferable to periodic "jolts" of fertilizer. That is why I shared about using a lower concentration of Miracle Gro, but using it constantly (i.e. in the saucer water, and at least once per week applied from the top through the soil ball). This has worked very well for me. It is also the method used by several of the best and most professional aroid growers I know of. There are some other aroids that respond well to this same type of regime, such as Dracontium and Pycnospatha.

Irving, TX

I have extra seedlings left over if anyone is interested.

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