Anyone have white flowered Desert Rose Seeds to trade

Mesilla Park, NM

I have 10 seeds to trade from Thailand, I don't know what color they will turn out to be though. I ordered 3 packs and Received them today in the mail and the label says:

Botanical Name: Adenium Obseum
Common Name: Holland
Place of Origin: Thailand
Quantity: 10 seeds

I don't know if the common name: Holland is the name of the plant or what it means. Hopefully someone has some seeds for the white flowered Desert Rose. I can also send postage for some also, if anyone has some to share. The other seeds I received from the same seller are a mix of Calotropis gigantea Giant Indian Milkweed Mixed White and purple, can send 20 seeds of that for some Desert Rose Seeds.

Hopefully someone will have some. Thank you for reading this.

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