Did some maintenance on the cars

Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Wife's 03 Outback got new brake pads. I had put some Wagner pads (on sale w/rebate from RockAuto) on but never liked them. Replaced them with Centric PosiQuiet. MUCH better. and not expensive. The Wagners still had a lot of material left. They must be buitl for long-life but they were actually frightening with 4 passengers or my wife and I and some gear in the back. Oil/filter change is easy on her car. Adjusted the parking brake but I need to take another look at that. I think I rolled the adjuster the wrong direction on one side. I replaced a bad front windshield washer pump. It seemed to have been destroyed from battery acid/water/fumes w'ever. The $15 replacement from, Auto Zone is working well.

My 06 WRX Sportwagon got oil/filter, transmission/front diff oil, rotate tires and new front brake pads. I put Stoptech Street performance pads on the front and they are very grippy! Those calipers are so easy to work on.

We don't put excessive mileage on our cars so I usually do this type stuff in April and October.

Missouri City, TX

Wow, another Subaru owner.

We are on #5 - a 2010 Legacy sedan, but still have our #2 - 1990 Legacy LS w/360k plus on engine and body.

Did all my own maintenance for years on the older models, but with all the covers, and computer control, I use an outside service now.

Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

These are our first.

The youngest daughter totaled the wife's Ford Windstar van and we had to have a vehicle that would carry here jewelry show gear.

We looked at several vehicles, 2 of which I really liked but they were a coupla K$ over our budget. narrowed it down to the 03 Outback and a Hyundai Santa Fe (IIRC). but the seats in th OBW felt better so we got it. Then I got on a coupla online soob-related Forums, and when it came time to replace my car, I knew I wanted and Impreza-based wagon. Drove a used OBS, then, with funds from my mom's estate, I decided to buy my 06 WRX wagon. I had been driving her 96 Dodge Avenger for a coupla years as her health prevented her from driving, before that, I had driven an 81 Civic wagon for almost 19 years!

So far, they have served us well. I think my wife would prefer something that has a higher profile like her old van, but the vehicles themselves have been as reliable as any we've owned.

It's tough here cause, you're a suspicious character if you don't drive a truck!

Missouri City, TX

I understand that one, being a Texan, too.

When we traded the 08 for the 10 we drove everything including the Tribeca - (I wanted it) - but it rode like a truck and so did the Forester.

Our favorite was our 1999 SUS - it wsa an Outback Sedan. The extra 1-2 inches of ground clearance was WONDERFUL.
I could ignore curbstones, and go ANYWHERE.

Tore the passanger rocker cover off on the 08 about 2 months after we got it in the normal rain flooded parking lot one day - I forgot about losing the ground clearance. A body shop reattached it the following morning, so no real damage done, but frustrating.

The 2010 is MUCH bigger - wider, taller, and I could actually sit in the back seat with my seat in my normal position, But the trunk opening shrunk. Still a great car - just returned form the Wurstfest in New Braunfels and averaged 31.9 mpg.

Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Wife's Outback got 4 new struts (one rear one was leaking oil) and a new front right half-axle(inner boot has been split for some time). I had never done struts before. That was an experience. After doing the rear struts I went and bought myself an impact wrench. MAN! do I wish I'd bought one 35 years ago!

both cars got oil/filter changes too.

Need to do a few minor things that can wait.

Missouri City, TX

Just traded the 2010 for a 2012 - dealer offered me so much I couldn't turn it down.

Subaru has a major buy back program going on.

Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Quote from Bubba_MoCity :
Just traded the 2010 for a 2012 - dealer offered me so much I couldn't turn it down.

Subaru has a major buy back program going on.

They are always hurting for used Soobs to keep on the lot - folks just keep them forever.

I am in a financial situation where I HAVE to keep my cars until the wheels fall off!

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