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How long until Jujubes are ready?

Saint Petersburg, FL

So my Jujube FINALLY set fruit (Indian Thornless variety). How long until I can enjoy some? I prefer it at the crisp green stage. 3 months? Longer?

Not sure I can wait....

San Marcos, TX(Zone 8b)

My Thornless Indian has flowered for years with no fruit. I think I am out of zone or it doesnt like being in a big pot. The Chinese Jujube flowers in April/May and fruits in August/September. Tropicals tend to be a tad faster so I would guess about 3 months but I am just guessing.

Saint Petersburg, FL

Thanks Jujube! I figured you'd know if anyone did!

I actually bought a second Indian Jujube. My first one has flowered about 4 times now with no fruit. I know they say they're self-fertile, but I'm not so sure that applies to the Indian Varieties. It's actually the second tree that's set fruit, so it's also possible the first one's defective in some way? Both are currently in big pots, but I plan on planting them.

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