Cyclamen purchased at grocery store is dying. Help!

Ridgewood, NJ

I just purchased a florist cyclamen and it is dying. I have it by a window facing east and south and we keep our house very cool. It is starting to turn brown and flower buds that looked like they were going to blossom have gone limp and dead. What am I doing wrong? I water once a week from the bottom.

(Zone 1)

I've never been able to keep one of those beauties alive for very long! They are such gorgeous plants and we only see them for sale down here the end of the year, around the holidays so I usually purchase a couple as temporary plants. I believe I've read that they are tuberous and do go dormant at times, so maybe that's what your plant is doing. I've also heard that they need consistently moist (but not soggy) soil to do well. Here's some info I found while googling:

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