Azaleas and Honey

West Plains, MO(Zone 6b)

Hello! We have one hive that we started in spring of this year. It is very strong, but we are not going to rob it this year. My question is about the poisonous effects of rhododendron nectar on the honey. We have four small rhodies (less than two feet by two feet). I did not notice the bees on them at all this spring, mostly bumble bees. And I think I have read that bumble bees pollinate rhodies. Is this correct? Would there be any concern about robbing them next year with our few rhodies (and several people in our area do have a few azaleas, even though they are definitely not as plentiful as in the more southern climates)?

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Stockton, CA

rhododendron and other nightshade plants do not make good honey. I am sorry to tell you this, but I feel you need to know. Rhododendron's and other nightshade plants also can make poisonous honey. they also can produce odd-shaped bees.

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