holiday grab bag.

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

Tish and I were paired last year at the Sewing and Quilting forum in a grab bag swap and have been friends ever sincel

this AV thread is just not hopping..

Would anyone here be interested in something like that for Christmas.
I mean on the threads I posted we had over 100 viewers and only 8 replies. Sooo there is some sort of activity here on AV and Gessie forum. Any ideas... yeses or nayes.

We cannot ship plants/leaves anymore - weather - but perhaps I>O>U> or something any IDEAS ? or we are not friendly enough and just kill the idea.....

Next year we do an Oktoberfest and then perhaps we can share some live stuff. Helene

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Akron, OH(Zone 5a)

For me AV forum is one of the most interesting and helpful on DG. The reason why people lurk more than post could be they keep learning and just are not knowledgable enough like me. For the winter I don't have many ideas... we could keep sharing the pics and discussing the problems. For shipping seeds could be an option but not many of us have these I guess. But we could get busy starting new plants for the next year's swap, that would be fun for sure!


Mansfield, TX(Zone 8a)

My problem is that I lost all but three AVs this year and just really don't have anything to trade. The few things I do have coming along were from the spring swap, and I could hopefully get a few leaves started for a spring swap. Maybe we could all get a few things started and show our progress?

Alum Bridge, WV

Tropical fish are shipped all year round (check out some of the auction sites) so why not tubers and rhyzomes. I got leaves this past week from two states away with both of us in Zone 5. You just have to use PRIORITY mail and ship on either a Monday or Tuesday so that the packet is delivered befor the weekend. Give this some thought rather than just make assumptions....

You can also get 7-day weather forecasts from NOAH for any postal zone you wish which I've found to be a great help.

Ottawa, IL(Zone 9a)

hey why not plant related items. like pots, fertlizer, cord for wicking,plant markers, pearlite, soil mixes,small zip bags for shipping leaves, if you look around, you can find alot of things,spray botles, etc. I have shipped plants & leaves even in the dead of winter,with a heat pac when needed, so it's still warm enough to send strep leaves thats for sure. I'm game.Violets & epescia's , it's to cold.

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

Oh, I was thinking a little further - here is what I propose. No live plants or leaves.

All of Bonni's ideas are good. i could use plastic markers my self or all of the above mentioned things. also special scissors - long narrow, pretty misting bottle, exacto knife to remove suckers, face brush for dusting (I used this all the time before a show) long slim tweezer, all these used to be in my AV tool box. There are other indoor gardening things.

So I would propose something like this: one serious Hobby related item
(AV and Gess) and then something personal - such as cookies sweets, hand made that would fit the person on and on. Nothing bulky. $15.00 + shipping Dollar limit so about $20.00.Things that fit the 8" x 8" or is 6" x 6" (if it fits it ships) box

2 buddies ship to each other. We would need to have a cut off time for joining and also for shipping.

To give you an Idea: Tish mailed to me; we were picked as partners for sewing and quilting grab bag. Scissors in a scissor sheaf which she made (still intact I won't use the scissor it's too pretty together) little winter sock/slippers couple of small pieces of chocolate, seam ripper,a fat quater of christmas fabric..It was the basis for a beautiful internet friendship.

Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

I like the idea. Ialso think we should or could do a similar round robin , maybe with one one homemade item or one Christmas item. We have had swaps and trades and round robins before, but we lost a lot of our partipants when Gessiegale was sent to disney land and others followered her to another site. I don't have enough to start a box for a round robin, but if we start planning it, maybe we could all grow a leave or stolon or tuber or rhizaomes especially to add to the robin box in the Spring. It is a good way of expanding our collections without too much money. Just postage, and thats a flat rate box. Lou

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

Yeah, nobody is working the AV and Gessie site in "the other Land" either, so it's up to us to get motivated.
Or not

(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

Okay,I'm going to add my TCW.
It would be nice to see more posting.If you are a beginner and just learning,jump in and ask questions.We are all learning every day.If you don't have any plants,come on in.Once you start joining in you soon will LOL.We are a sharing bunch.
Vadis and Bonnie both made good points.I have shipped and received many things in the cold months.Just use insulation and keep your eye on the forecasts.There are lots of things, plant related or not we can share.
Lastly,just because someone does not post a lot or join in everything does not make them "unfriendly".We all have different lives.Some work,some have children,some belong to many clubs and groups,some have health problems,etc.We all come here to relax and have fun in our own way.I,personally,have made many good friends here.


Northeast, MO(Zone 5b)

DITTO, Sista Lynn!!! ::)))))) You couldn't have said it better!!!


Land of OZ, CT(Zone 6a)

Ditto x 2!

Thumbnail by phoebesviolets
(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

Ooooh,pretty Orchid Jan!!

Weedville, PA(Zone 6a)

I would love to get in on this....however, at the moment I have no AVs. I really don't have a lot to trade....I do have a tiny bit of knowledge on AVs alone.

There used to be a bingo type thing that was done on this forum...anyone remember that? It was really fun. One of the "regulars" of this forum would offer up a prize for the winner. It wasn't always a plant (most times it wasn't a plant) was usually a starter leaf or two, an AV pot, etc....if I remember correctly. We can look all that's here somewhere!! It would be fun to do that again. Everyone checked in daily to get the bingo calls for that day and it sparked a LOT of also sparked a LOT of interest for folks who had never been into AVs before.

I don't have a ton of money right now to throw at something like this...however, if someone would be willing to go in with me I would be more than willing to give $5 towards a gift cert to someplace like The Violet Barn. If I remember correctly when the bingo was running one person offerd the prized (or 2 or even 3 people, depending on how much they could offer)...another person made up the "cards" and did the calls. That way it was more fair. I don't know what happened to the bingo. I left DG for a while because of health problems....and because of the health problems I don't think I'd be a good person to do the calls, but I sure would be willing to go in with someone to offer prizes!!

It's just an idea...something that used to go on here that was a TON of fun. If no one is interested, for whatever reasons, that's ok and not a big deal. I just wanted to mention it in case it would be helpful. I think what you're trying to do is WONDERFUL. If I could help more I would love to.

another idea is to "advertise" whatever you're going to do with the former regulars of this forum. Some of them are still around....just look at the old posts and then send along a d.mail when all is decided....kind of an fun would that be to get in your d.mail??? Don't forget to send me one!!! ;-)

(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

A couple of us have been thinking about bingo lately.Do most of you have time to play now or is it better to wait until January?
If we are really lucky we might entice Nichole to come back and show us the ropes ^_^.
And Tommie,and Laura,and Tish, and Dimmer,and Susan and so on and so on.I can think of many more who haven't been around for awhile.I miss you all!!


Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

Bingo was real popular. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and when they could, someone posted pictures of the bingo calls and I learned a lot and put a lot of them on my"want" list , not on the trades , but here to remind me which ones I really loved and if I had a chanch, I would buy them. Lou

Montgomery, AL

Well, I've only been on Dave's since summer and I've learned lots on this forum. It's tough for a newbie to jump in and post with people who have known each other for years (intimidating). These ideas sound great for a way to meet and expand friendships. I still get kohleria rhizomes off ebay this time of year. They seem to handle cool shipping o.k. , maybe pectrocosmea leaves too?? We all probably have a Holiday candy/cookie family favorite recipe too add and I like the idea of a tool or pot. Sounds fun.

Weedville, PA(Zone 6a)

Something I thought of after I made the post about bingo....we might need permission to do that. I don't know...just saying it might be a good idea to ask. I don't see why anyone would care or mind...but just want to make sure we stay within the guidelines...whatever they are, if they would include this kinda thing.

I'm betting Critterologist would be another one who would be happy to hear the bingo was up and running again. She was always a big part of it....and I can't remember who else...but I'd be willing to look over the old bingo threads and see who is still around. That's the kind of thing I can do to help out ;-)

Maybe it would be better to wait till Jan to start a much for everyone to do with all the Holidays coming up...OR maybe having the bingo going on would give us all an escape from Holiday "chores"...up to all of you. It may be a good idea to have more than one person per job for the first few bingos, especially if it's during Holiday season...and to plan things well in advance.

....and everyone...these are just ideas I'm throwing out...PLEASE don't think I'm trying to take someone else's idea out of their hands....that's not what I want to that as I'm not trying to take this over. Helene started this (LOL!!!) and I think it's great that she did. If I can help out I will, however I can. Whether it's with bingo or anything else.

...and I know what you're all saying about it being hard to jump in on the conversation....but the AV forum has always seemed to me to be one of the easiest forums to join the conversation, whether you know anyone or not and whether you know about the plants or not. The only plants I know about are AVs...and I only know a bit compared to many here...what I know I've learned from those in this forum. Don't ever think you're not welcome in this matter how long you've been around or your knowledge level!! I know that from experience.

Ottawa, IL(Zone 9a)

I would be more than glad to give a box of plants should all decide to play bingo,goodness knows i have enough of I have played bingo on many groups i belong to & it was always fun for me. So whatever everyone decides is fine with me. I have av;s streps,sinningia;s & who knows what else.If the weather permits i can send av's etc. or just streps if it's to cold.

Weedville, PA(Zone 6a)

Holy cows!! A whole box??!!! I'm in!! I wish I could offer to volunteer to run the bingo but I've really been under the weather for the last 6 weeks. I'll tell y'all what I can do though...I'll up my offer from a $5 gift cert to $10. Earlier I said the gift cert would be from The Violet Barn, but that can be changed by popular demand, lol. That was just the first place that came to mind. I can check the Watchdog and see what it says...and everyone here can chime in...or the winner could even pick where they want it from...I don't really care. I just want to see Helene's idea succeed.

...seems like the ball is rolling already! Yay!!! :-)

(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

LOL,everybody is getting excited!!
Helene can start her project,everyone can join in on Connie and Jan's Japanese method,Nichole and I can start bingo and everybody can join in on whatever they want ^_^.
Also,if anybody wants to start another project,like a round robin or trading crafts or outdoor plants or anything you have just speak up!!

It doesn't matter if you have plants or can do crafts or not.We can all learn from each other and each join in to any we want to!!

Everybody think about Dmailing and emailing your friends and any members you are in contact with and maybe we can get lots of fun going here!!


Weedville, PA(Zone 6a)

Sounds good Lynn! Before you know it this will be the most active forum on the site. I'm busy the beginning of this week so if I don't show up for a few days please don't anyone think I bugged out!

Helene, what did you have in mind for the craft exchange? What type of help do you need, if any, arranging things? (dont' know how much I can do, but if I can help I will! ;-) I think a craft exchange would be a great idea, especially a Christmas/Holiday one. And maybe for folks who can't/don't do crafts (or don't have time to) could they offer something else?

Thanks for starting this thread...

Kittrell, NC(Zone 7b)

Hi Guys!!! Been lurking for some time now (along with Pheobe). This would be great! I'm kinda house bound (bacterial infection in my lungs and my hearts pitter patter is just going pat pat).
Bonnie has sent me plants in the dead of winter and all have arrived in beautiful shape. But I could send hand painted pots (Tish, do you want some more?) I have some babies that maybe could risk shipping.
In other words....I'm bored to tears!! This would be great...whatever you all decide to do!

Land of OZ, CT(Zone 6a)

Hi Melanie! Sorry you are under the weather--I get pat-pat's now and then myself. No fun. I love your painted pots! They are so pretty!

Ottawa, IL(Zone 9a)

I love your pots, I have tried so many times to do the pots & they just don't look like yours, but i am still

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

Looking forward to bingo. Helene

(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

I started a new thread for Bingo if anyone is interested.I thought it was best to leave this one open for Helene's Project.


Weedville, PA(Zone 6a)

Good idea Lynn....I'll be finding that thread very shortly.

Melanie...nice to meet you...welcome to the AV forum, although you've been around for a while. I can't wait to see pics of your pots, they sound particularly popular (I think I just invented a tongue twister there!!) I hope you're feeling better soon. In the meantime hang out with us and have some fun! ;)

Helene, I'm sorry if I what I posted did take this in another direction and away from what you originally intended this thread for :( So, back to the topic at hand!!! I guess I just got excited at the idea of seeing some growth and activity here again...and thank you for starting it. I still want to do something for Christmas with the folks in this forum...I mean separate from the bingo. If no one else is up for it then you and I will do our own swap and make everyone else wish they had been in on it too!!! (just teasing there :)

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

there are so many ways to reach the means.

I think the bingo will be very popular and attract - hopefully- many a watcher. We will approach this subject again. Helene

Ottawa, IL(Zone 9a)

hey, i am game for all of it.

(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

I think lots of people might enjoy 2 or 3 different things going on at the same time.

Ann Arbor, MI

I like this idea and would be game. I agree that several things going would be nice. Good thought helene.

(Zone 1)

Helene: I think your idea of a "Holiday Grab Bag" swap is wonderful ... adding a little joy to the holiday season! I will be watching the AV forum to see what materializes with this swap, and watching for a sign up sheet ... it really sounds like fun!

I love the idea of a Holiday Grab Bag for a DG buddy, a great way to renew a friendship, or make a new friend here on the AV forum! There's a long list of possibilities for things that could be shipped in this type of swap! Here are some suggestions from the above posts as well as a few more I've added:

Zip Lok baggies (for shipping leaves in spring)
Small Pots/Containers
Dusting Brushes (I've used small paint brushes, but makeup brushes are very soft and would be perfect!)
Xacto Knife
Wicking Cord/Material
Permanent Markers for labeling plants
Spray Bottle for misting
Bubble Wrap for shipping
House Plant Book
AV/Gesneriad Magazine (I don't subscribe anymore, and would love one or two to browse through!)
Gardening Gloves
Gardening Tools
Small Garden Flag

Kitchen Towels/Pot Holders (with a Holiday Theme?)
Home Baked Goodies and Recipe Cards
Hand Made Craft Items (I know some of y'all are extremely talented!)
Christmas Ornament
Cute Coffee/Tea/Hot Cocoa Mug

Sun Bonnet/Hat/Baseball Cap (for wearing while gardening, or out in the hot summer sun.)
Pretty Hair Clips
Pretty Scarf
Fuzzy Socks (for keeping our tootsies warm during the cold winter months!)
Bath salts/Shower Gel's/Scented Soaps

[Since Some Folks Don't Feel Comfortable Shipping Plants/Leaves At This Time Of Year, And Some Don't have Plants/Leaves To Share Right Now ... Maybe The Live Plant/Leaf Swap Chould Wait Until Spring And Someone Could Begin a Nice Round Robin Box At That Time?]

Jasper, AR(Zone 7a)

I am all ready for Bingo and I would love to do this too. I have done several different swaps on DG and they were all fun--Lins ideas are good so if you get this going Helen-- count me in-- I will help if you need me to.

and oh yeah--Lynn-- I'm back ^_^ missed you all too!

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

I do have a bit of financial downer going on here with condo charges and see no light in the tunnel and no end of the tunnel...

This is what we do:
by november 12th if we have at least 12 people- or more need an even number
we then - my DH
pick buddies out of a paper bag for each person and announce the buddies by Monday Nov. 15 making sure that each has the address of the other.
Sending items should be done by December 15. the list is huge. keep $ low be creative

As we receive our gifts we should open them ( it is your pre-christmas chotchkie? spelling and yours alone) and post pictures thus ensuring some excitment .
I am Open to suggestions and changes as I have never done this and do want it to go smoothly and do want this to be a happy,bizzy, dizzy, bizzy month.

So we are doing signing up until the 12th of Nov.
closing the grab bag exchange by the 15th of Nov.
sending to your buddy by the 12th of Dec. gift has to be out by then

Pictures or disclosure of items received thereafter and lots of giggles giggles Helene

(Zone 1)

Oooh, sounds like so much fun! Are you going to start a new thread with a sign up sheet? And, is the $ limit going to be $20.00? I know a lot of people think you can't get much for $20 these days, but we can be creative! Sometimes you can find wonderful bargains at thrift shops and if you are crafty, you can make something inexpensively. This is going to be a lot of fun!

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

I am remiss here: want to say our gentlemen members are more than welcome in this gift exchange.

I can't set a $ limit.... just can't. I think buddies will practice respect and be creative with their bounty that they send to each other.

Yes will post an official thread for sign-up. thank you for pointing me in that direction.
This is what I need : guidance and participation.

here is an idea: ask your buddy for some of the plant names he/she has.
Type the names on pretty colored paper in Font size 14 - 16 with 4 spaces apart.
Place between 2 clear contact paper seal the page then cut into labels, with the left side of the label being 1/2". punch a hole into this side, make a little slid toward the hole
cheap custom made labels. helene

Thumbnail by helenethequeen
(Zone 1)

Oh, I thought I saw it posted someplace that there was going to be a $20 limit? Might have been some other forum, LOL. It doesn't matter to me, a lot of us sometimes try to send a little extra with swap packages.

Oh, so it's not going to be a surprise? I was thinking we would be d-mailed our buddy's name/address and wouldn't find out who had us until we got the package ... adds to the excitement and suspense, LOL. But, if we know who our swap partner is we could converse back and forth through d-mail and find out likes/dislikes etc. so it's all good fun!

Oh Helene ... I love your creative idea for making Plant Label's! I'm not real crafty anymore but I think I might be able to handle something like that. ☺

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

this is what I mean: I need input before i official post the rules
yes $20.00 was mentioned and kind-of-declined. I understand. The more you think about it the more you know, you can come up with something nice.

The surprise or no surprise that's an option. I thought by knowing the other persons ID you' get to know them. - May be not a good idea. So help with what we want to post on the oficial "Grab Bag" exchange. I myself I am always an open book......

I wasn't thinking of d-mail, i was thinking of this thread for back and forth bantering, you know knocking it around. and the other thread the official sign up. No hidden things here.we want to learn, that's the slogan.

Also on this thread I'd post some other easy gift making ideas -$-

Thumbnail by helenethequeen
Northeast, MO(Zone 5b)

Hey Lin and Tommie!!! So good to see you all on here :)

Helene, you can keep everyone in suspense by having each member put BRIEFLY (LOL) their likes and dislikes. Then they can be assigned to another member but not know who is assigned to them. Okay, that didn't make a lick of sense. EXAMPLE ONLY:


likes- anything to do with plants, loves chocolate
dislikes-strong perfume, fruitcake


Likes- everything
dislikes -nothing

You can match the members in different ways, however you would like. Say Helene gets Lin's name. Helene knows who to send it to but Lin doesn't know who she is getting her gifts from until she gets them. Helene, you won't know who is sending yours until you get it but you do know who you are sending to and have an idea of their likes and dislikes.

Does this help any?


Jasper, AR(Zone 7a)

I am for a "Secret Santa" that is always fun, you don't know who has your name till you get the gift! Random matches work too.

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