Dr. Deno’s Seed Germination Books are now in Public Domain.

Nutley, NJ(Zone 6b)

Over at the Seed Germination Forum it was announced that “Dr. Deno's books are now in the public domain”. Read this great post in full:

You can use these persistent links to directly access the USDA website which contain the Deno Books in PDF format.

Seed Germination: Theory and Practice

First Supplement to Seed Germination: Theory and Practice

Second Supplement to Seed Germination: Theory and Practice

The documents in the USDA website support OCR-to-Text so you will be able to search the books using key words and cut and past text to DG posts. Download the books to your computer and keep them as a reference source. When you open any of the three PDF books, try searching on the word “Dianthus”.

To use the books you will have to learn Dr. Deno’s shorthand codes. He has an interesting section of Sweet William as a highway ornamentally plant in Pennsylvania. The following are the Dianthus species which Dr. Deno’s references.

Dianthus (Caryophyllaceae).
D. barbatus germ. in 3-5 d in 70D.
D. carthusianorum germ. 700(100% in 4-9 d) for fresh seeds and 700(80% 4-9 d) for seeds 051 y.
D. caryophyllus (Carnation) germ. best at 55-70 and less at 50 and 75-85 in hybrid strain and best at 50-80 and lower at 85 in a second strain (HC).
D. chinensis germ. the same from 50-85 (HO).
D. gratianopolitanus germ. 70D(100% in 4-9 d) and 90% in 2-4 d after 1 y DS.
D. knappii germ. 100% on the 7th d in either 70D or 70L either fresh or DS 2 y.
D. spiculifolius 083 y germ. 70D(100% in 4-11 d).

The one time I started Dianthus seeds with the Demo Method. I use coffee filters between kitchen paper-towels, which are too pores for Dianthus seeds. Here is a link which will be useful when starting small seeds.


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