Hello, Good To Be Back

Windham, OH(Zone 5b)

Hello All,

I have been away for some years and my garden shows it. I live in Northeast Ohio on the edge of the winter lake effect. I am recently retired and have plenty of time to get back to one of my favorite passions, watching flowers grow. I am spending the winter renewing some of my old garden ornaments by repainting them and trying my hand at rock painting. Also going to do wintersewing this Dec-Jan. It's only November but I am really looking forward to Spring already.

I am really looking forward in the future to trading and discussing different topics.

Take care, Shirley

Rutland , MA(Zone 5b)

welcome back shirley from upstate new york. yuo will have no toruble gettingback into the swing of things here. it's like riding a bike. LOL

Windham, OH(Zone 5b)

Thanks from northeast ohio, glad to be back. Have plenty time to grow flowers and work on garden crafts now. Enjoyed reading all the great forums on just about everything conceivable. this is the place to be!!


Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Yes, but where on the forums do newbies go to really connect with other newbies? A lot of the regional forums and other forums, the people on them have been together for years or met at RUs or something. They know each and just chat away ... and that's understandable. That's great. But it seems sort of hard to fit in and know what they are talking about. You feel like an interloper asking dumb questions that everyone else knows. I've heard that from others so know it's at least fairly common.

Wish there was a place for newbies to start a discussion group with other newbies. Is there?

I've read about various gardening topics on DG for some years but just became a member a few months ago. Where do newbies go to really fit in??

Rutland , MA(Zone 5b)

carole - i felt the same way when i joined years ago. then one day i jus starte askign questions and believe me when i tell you that no onme said the questions were dumb. they all answered and that was that. we are so friendly here that the newbie disappears in about 2 minutes.

come on and get into it. go to whatever forum interest you and jump in
with both feet

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