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Not P. racemosa

Teguise, Spain

Earlier this year I bought seeds of Passiflora racemosa off ebay. After growing them and them flowering, they are obviously not P. racemosa. Does anyone know of a true source for seeds of Passiflora racemosa ? Its obviously been dissapointing to grow something that is nothing like what you thought you were growing.
Below is the supposed 'P. racemosa' . Flowers are 1cm across and green. Anyone have any idea what this tiny flowered Passiflora actually is?


Thumbnail by propmaker
Florala, AL

it could be Passiflora suberosa, from the looks of it.. they flower to about the size of a dime..

DeLand/Deleon Spring, FL(Zone 8b)

Passiflora suberosa is also know as "Corkbark" Passionflower...does the main stem have a "corky" crinkled look? If you can take a picture of the leaves and main stem it would help in getting an ID. Also, P.suberosa will develop a little purple fruit.
These are really quite charming plants, and here are a larval food source for Heliconian Butterflies..such as Zebra Longwings, Julia's and a few more.

Teguise, Spain

Yes, I think thats correct. I checked it out on a couple of sites. It has 2 raised glands on the middle of the leaf stalk too as described. Good for Butterflies, poisonous to humans.. I shall decide it's fate later. :))
Many thanks

LE TAMPON, Reunion (French)

Indeed, P.suberosa one of the very few passionflowers without petals (what you see are sepals) and one of the most variable. Seeds of P.racemosa are not easy to get and expensive, this was a thief!

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