Hippies and Semi-Hydro

Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

Many people are getting into SH for their plants from caucidiforms to tomatoes. Basically the planting material is small clay balls that retain their shape and the pot drains one inch from the bottom. This gives a better air/water mix which sounds great for the plants and root health is outrageous. Massive roots throughout the material and plants that are stronger and grow faster.

Has any one tried this method on Hippies? I may take a shot at it soon just to see what happens.

One souce of everything you want is Prime Agra with a nice website, many are making their own pots buy drillng highier drain holes. I am working to see if I can buy locally as I use DynaGro one of the recommended fertilizers which I got locally, but for experiments I would like some of the clear Prime Agra pots.

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