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SOLVED: Feather Corn?

Newcastle, ON(Zone 5a)

I posted this question in the market growers forum..but no answer..
Can anyone tell me anything about it?
I could take a pic if you need to see it.
I'm not a market grower..but I thought maybe one of
you could tell me a bit about feather corn. Can't find
much info in searching on the net. I stopped at a
roadside stand in the country where the lady was
selling fancy gourds and herbs and such. She had
some interesting dried corn..she said it was feather
corn. I got it grown only for decoration..or
is it a food ....or both?
Thanks for any info..

Carol if you can take a picture that would help a lot or even a description if you can't take the pic.

Newcastle, ON(Zone 5a)

Ok Baa..
I'll do that right now..Isn't it funny how something takes your fancy and you can't get it out of your mind.
I guess I have an inquisitive mind..heightened by the easy access of knowledge on the computer.
It's our thanksgiving day here in Canada and I am thankful for all of the wonderful people ready to help here at DG's
P.S. I was born in Boxford, Sulfolk area near Colchester I think..during the war...only 9 months old when I came to Canada...but I have a warm feeling for the Brits..

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