African violet "Tradition"

Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)

I received a beautifully variegated leaf yesterday labeled "Tradition"; can anyone tell me anything about it. I can find nothing listed for it. It's the variegated one in the upper left corner.

Thumbnail by gessieviolet
(Zone 1)

I don't know anything about it but it sure is pretty!

Montgomery, AL

Maybe it's an Optimara?

(Zone 1)

Yep, that's Optimara Tradition that I linked to ... when I googled it's the only one I found with the name Tradition.

Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)

Thanks, that's why I couldn't find anything. I didn't even think to check for an Optimara, duh! and the leaves were Optimara and Rhapsodies!! Looks like that would have given me a hint!! I hope I can get a plant with the beautiful variegation this leaf shows!

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(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

It does have beautiful foliage!!

(tish) near Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

You rarely see the varigated optimara. I went to a gesneriad show/sale in Tenn in September. A guy who is a member of their club works at Holtkamp (is that spelling right?) and brought a few violets for their sale. One was varigated and I bought that. It has pink on the leaves but I don't think it looks that pink but maybe its just the flash when the picture was taken. Its not blooming, so I can't go by that either.


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