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green pod growing on a vine

Bastrop, TX

We have recently found a green pod growing from a vine in one of our trees. I have never seen this before. Does anyone know what it might be?

Thumbnail by sevpwelsh
Managua, Nicaragua

Araujia sericifera ??

Managua, Nicaragua

Also reviews Stephanotis floribunda (Family Apocynaceae)

Bastrop, TX

I have googled that and it doesn't match what we have growing! Close but not quite.

Managua, Nicaragua

Have reviewed Stephanotis floribunda?? Sorry this is Family Asclepiadaceae

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(Zone 1)

What part of Texas are you located?

Both Araujia sericifera "Bladder Vine" and Stephanotis floribunda would probably only survive winters in zones 10 and higher. I have a Stephanotis floribunda in a container here and I have to move it to a protected area when temperatures drop in winter.

Araujia sericifera ("Bladder Vine")

Stephanotis floribunda:

Keaau, HI

Can you show the vine? Does it still have leaves?

Bastrop, TX

I am in the Central Texas area. This pod hasn't bloomed so far. The vine that it grows on looks nasty and dead but the pods are green. We found them hanging from the top of a cedar tree. It is only in one area of the property and we haven't seen anymore around.

(Zone 1)

Maybe you can cut open a pod and take photo's to see if anyone would recognize the seeds?

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