What flower seeds can I plant now in Zone 7(Md/Va/DC area?)

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

It's almost mid November already and today is absolutely beautiful. I just planted some larkspur seeds, hoping for Spring/Summer blooms but will also wintersow some in milk jugs, come January or February.

What other flower seeds can I direct sow now in the flowerbeds. We've had several mornings of light frost.

Hobart, IN

Columbine? Campanulas? Sorry but I'm more shade oriented.

Pittsburgh, PA

I was reading a Q&A section in Horticulture magazine, they address this question. Annuals that can be sown in the fall are generally those that are known for spreading on their own by self-sowing such as annual poppies,larkspur, love-in-a-mist and pansies. So-called "hardy-annuals" also work. Biennials to sow in the fall are foxgloves,sweet william, and hollyhock. For perennials consider anything that self sows. Coneflowers, hardy geraniums, columbine, black eyed susans and others that drop their seeds in autumn. Any perennials that need cold stratification.

In cold winter areas sow the seeds after a killing frost. In warm winter areas sow the seeds just before the rainy season begins or from the late fall into winter. If seedlings appear soon after sowing and you are in a cold area, mulch over them once the ground has frozen completely.

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

I sowed annual poppies and had an early germination. Just read about mulching.
Too late for my babies.
I was assured somnifariums were hardy and would survive. I hope so.
We are due for another 6 inches of snow. I doubt I will see the bare ground for another 2 months.
I checked the site where the early sprouts were and didnt see much.Then it started snowing.
I guess it will be April to know how many survived.

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