Part D insurance... it is that time of year again!

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

I hate it. The more I read, the more confuseder I get.

DH takes lots of meds and has been the "hole in the doughnut" for a few months now. I don't mind but have resented this past year with the insurance carrier:

1 ~ continually suggesting a generic when the DRs adamantly refuse specific generics. Others they consider o.k.
Then, I find one acceptable generic costs us more than the brand prescription does thru this insurance. Go figure.

2~ the insurance company has continually attempted to get us to use their mail order pharmacy. The reduced price is not worth the loss of service I receive from our hometown pharmacy. An example ~ yesterday I couldn't get away from work to pick up the prescriptions and they kindly delivered at no extra charge.

3~ the insurance sends out monthly statements tracking the dollars spent vs. time to the coverage gap. The statements are only two months behind. Really helps me keep abreast of things.

4~ this week, I received a letter from the insurance company that we were underbilled for a prescription received in January by $34.00 and I need to submit payment. Now, I am wondering how many more of these I will receive from them. So I dug out all DHs' prescriptions received this year, the billing statements from the pharmacy, the insurance statements showing what they paid for this past year and their blessed Formulary. Guess what I am doing this weekend??!!?

It is constantly having to stay on my toes. Like I have nothing else to tend to... GIVE ME A BREAK!

Next, I need to research the part D plans available in TX for the new year and even though it is a busy time at work, this is something I can not put off because I will not stay with this company!

Any suggestions for researching tips will be appreciated. Not to worry though. What I really just needed to do was vent LOL

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