Frames for family trees, pics,stone rubbings...

Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

My wife and I found ourselves with quite a few items recently that needed framing. She did some gravestone rubbings of family plots, collected some family pictures and has several trees filled out. many of these items will be xmas gifts.

After re-using a frame from a picture she bought at a garage sale (this can be a good source. $2 picture, take it out and keep the frame which might be valued at $30 !) she found online and has been extremely pleased so far. The only downside is, she had to get Lowes and Ace Hardware to cut glass. Still, they do offer Lexan.

no connection to them other than happy customers.



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Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

the grave rubbings came out great.

One was kinda large so, with the help of a scanner and some 'panorama' software, my BIL was able to make a file that we had printed at a reduced size. So it's actually a photo of a stone rubbing. It's a gift for my MIL. Looks nice.

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