Peace Lily drooping - For 6 weeks!!

Hanover, MD

I have a Peace Lily that I received in 2004 for my Father's memorial service. It has a special meaning to me and I am desperate to revive it. It started drooping about a month ago and watering did not perk it up. I took it out of it's planter, and changed the soil and gave it a good soaking. It has been a week now and is still drooping -- maybe even a little worse. It's in indirect lighting and the soil is still damp from the replanting so I have not watered again or fertilized. It is still producing new growth and even small flowers but the flowers do not live to maturity. This is the same pot it has always been in, but I was told by my florist friend it was not too big/too small. So that's what I went with.
I am a novice at maintaining houseplants, so I may be overlooking something obvious. I would appreciate any comments.

Thank you for any assistance

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Saint Louis, MO

Check the roots. If they are mushy, the plant is not getting any water to the leaves. It may have root rot from too much water before you repotted it. If they aren't mushy, black or smell bad, you may just need to give it a little more time to adjust to its new pot. You might, also, check the plant for bugs. Scale, mealy bugs or spider mites may also be sapping your plant, but I think you will find the roots to be the problem.

Hanover, MD

Thanks for your reply. You can't really tell by the photo, but the left side of the plant seemed to be very crowded, so we removed it from the pot, and rearranged. I checked the roots at this time and the roots seem fine. The were not mushy or smelly. They were long and seemed healthy. We put it back in the pot and watered it. I noticed that the top of the soil was moist but down in the pot it was getting dry.

This morning, he still looks the same. I'm not expecting a miracle, but some of the leaves are just about horizontal. There are no visible bugs. It seems to be still producing new leaves, but they are just limp! :(

Thank you again for your advise. If you think of anything else, it would be very welcome!

(Linny) Salem, SC(Zone 7b)

My Peace Lilys don't like that much light. I have to keep them in darker corners or they get all splotchy. And I know you said the soil was moist, but I am bad about letting them go dry, then they droop. I put them in the sink and fill up the sink so the air bubbles will get out of the pot. They seem to love that. But you really can't go by me because ever since I divided up a florist lily that I got when my mom died, it has been puny. It is putting out tiny little new leaves so I hope it just needs time to recover. It has been a few months. At least you are getting flowers. I'd try moving it into a quiet spot and let it rest. Just keep it watered well.

Good luck. I know you would hate to lose it.



That plant looks root bound to me. I would depot it and cut it in four pieces. Secondly I would cut away the center of each piece. This takes away the oldest part of the plant from each piece. With a razor sharp tool I would make a few slices on the part of the plant that was tight to the pot and ingrowing. This will help the old roots to start new roots. Scarey? Yes but your plant needs to be given a chance to refurbish itself. Then repot and step back being sure not to flood it but keep it damp. This plant likes a fair amount of water more so than most other plants we commonly have indoors. Someone mentioned it likes modest lighting. I agree. Mine are in the shade of other indoor plantings. Once repotted this way it will take a year for the plant to perk up and begin to throw some flowers. I don't feed my replants much and when I do it is a kelp or alfalfa tea used very weakly weekly. This plant is a lite nitrogen feeder. That is why I use weak teas. Both teas I mentioned have growth hormones to help develop a new root mass. It will recover if repoted this way and then it will stay in the same pot for three to five years without repotting again.

Chicago Heights, IL

Ok I know it's two years later..
But How's your plant??
(I too, have a peace lily from my dad's services ^_^)
For what it's worth, if it went from 2004 - 2010 in the same pot (??!!), then regardless of what that florist said, it may very well be pot-bound!!
This happened with mine (which I've transplanted a few times now, since just '08) Right beforehand, it would droop even right after I watered it. Turned out the roots were so compacted, that no amount of water was helping!
These grow pretty quickly.
Mine's doing really well, in a new large pot I put it in!
Good luck!

Hayden, AL(Zone 8b)

I, too had a peace lily from my Mom's service and then we made the move to North Florida. Before this I killed every peace lily I was given or purchased! They either flopped over or turned brown and died. I always wondered when I would read articles suggesting them as beginner plants-what? I planted mine outside and it is doing great now! I guess you need a vacation home? :) No, seriously, I think it has to do with roots bound and not getting water or too much water with inadequate drainage, at least for the ones I did in. Good luck:)

North Decatur, GA

I'd agree with everything before. Looks like a lot of lilly for that pot. When you changed the soil did the plant come out easy--like did the roots look like they conformed to the shape of the pot? If so, it's rootbound.

Also, what soil are you using? If it's plain peat soil it probably won't drain well. At least try cutting it half and half with perlite (you can get this at any lowe's/home depot/walmart).

Watering is never usually the answer with plants if they don't perk up with about...6 hours. That's just a guesstimate, but it certainly doesn't take all day.

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