will a desktop burn dvd-rw's from an outside cam

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Can software be had so a camera (like a nannycam) can record onto the desktop's dvd on a dvd-rw.
Maybe RCA cables can go in a pci slot or something if you buy something, anybody know?
edit: I forgot to say the kind of computer, its an HP p62304 with Windows 7 from Dell.

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It would first depend on what specific camera. There are many flavors of "nanny cams".

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

It would just be a wireless security camera or two. It would not be wired cameras. I have read of video capture cards for USB and pci slots and they are pretty cheap even. But, I know nothing about any of that, I'd no doubt buy the wrong stuff. We don't need to view it on the internet, altho that would be nice, then my friend could watch her elderly disabled mother at work. Do video capture cards store video on the hard drive or something?
This pc has a 750 gb hard drive, so plenty of space.

Washington, MO(Zone 6a)

Ahh. So, the cameras aren't purchased yet?

And, yes there are video-capture cards. They're quite common.They're simply a replacement (or, added as a second) video card that allows you to record whatever happens on the screen, even (and especially) moving objects (streamed video, a cursor for a video instructing you how ot use a program on your computer, etc.).I've never seen one "USB" before, though. You'll find them in "PCI", "PCI-E", and "AGP". You'll need to know which slot(s) you have available. Then, the PC can receive the signal wirelessly from the camera, and capture the video directly.

That "750 GB" hard drive may come in handy. Depending on what format it saves them in, video files can be HUGE! Hard drives can fill up quickly, when storing video. =) I'm not sure if they can burn directly to a DVD, or not. I don't have a remote camera. I'd venture a guess of a probable possibility.

I also saw some that could record straight to an SD card (like other cameras). If your computer has a built in card reader, that may be an option. You'll just need to be able to access the camera, to retrieve the card and view it's contents.

I guess there's a lot of ways to do what you wish. It comes down to (among other factors):
How many things you want it to do?
What quality does the video need to be? Does it even *need* to be video? (Will a still shot, taken every few seconds, suffice?)
Do you need it to run constantly? Or will one that's motion activated do the trick? (saves on record space, and is usually a cheaper route)
What's the budget?
etc, etc, etc =)

There's a lot of unanswered questions, and a lot to think about, before buying a wireless camera setup. From what I've researched, it seems a reasonably optioned system could be setup for a couple hundred dollars. I saw really cheap setups, too. But, I tend to avoid "the cheapest". I rarely had good luck with that. "You get what you pay for", I think. =)


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No cameras yet, I am deathly afraid of buying anything yet, I fear it will be the wrong stuff for sure. Do the cameras just plug into a video capture card thats in a pci slot by way of RCA jacks? I like constant recording better, but I'm open to changing a setting if there is one, for less demand on recording. It reminds me tho of something that was in the news recently here in KC. An imbecile stole a zoo animal from the zoo here (a Meerkat). The Meerkat is not a cute little animal like it seems. They said it gets hysterical if its not around other Meerkats, and they like to bite. A witness said they saw a young guy about 20 drop it off in front of a Petco. Anyway, there was a security camera in front of the store but because of a 2 second delay between photos, they missed the person putting it there, unharmed. They never caught him, but the zoo guy said he likely has bites all over. It was funny, they say now they have to idiotproof the Meerkat exhibit.

$200 would be nice, if we could get it for that or less that'd be nice.
I see where those systems can be big bucks, which is what we don't need.
I just Googled video capture card how , this big long link came up so not sure if DG will display it all (below). But, I see that alot of the information about VCC's are related to converting one's old home-movies vhs tapes to digital format which isn't what I want to do.
Thanks Eggs.

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you most likely want a camera and a dvr (digital video recording) card for a dedicated PC
as eggs says it can use up a hard drive pretty fast
the card should come with software that will let the video overwrite older recording
this is a typical security item that can be purchased pretty economically
check ebay for dvr surveillance with 4 channel being the least expensive
it can be had for under 100
hooking it to the web is a separate issue


suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Ok, thanks Dick, I'm gonna check out Ebay now.

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