Record Those Numbers!

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

While I kept a doctor appt. on Oct. 7, someone broke into my house and took both computers, widescreen LCD TV, digital camera, etc. When the police officer took his report he handed me a form on which I should list the missing items along with the serial numbers and model numbers. In recent years I've become decidedly lax about storing said info in a separate secure place, and I can't find any of it now. The numbers on the invoices are just the shipper's catalog numbers. So if any of my stuff did get found I couldn't prove ownership. Needless to say as I am replacing the lost gear recording those numbers is first priority. I hope never again to face such a shock but as the old saying goes -
"Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it."

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)


so sorry that happened to you. how horrible to be 'violated' like that.

I tend to always [just not 100% of the time] write down the serial numbers on the manual when we buy new electronics.

Yes, it is a very good habit to get into. You hate to think you have to 'cover yourself' like this... but having things stolen would be a huge wake up if you've never done it before.


Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7a)

Terese - I also write the serial numbers on manuals (or invoices
if no manual) and file those in a cabinet. If I were more organized
and had time I'd keep them all on a spreadsheet but that's wishful

Yuska - I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. It is
a terrible violation and I hope they catch the thieves. We
installed a house alarm system and also a security camera at
our front door. Hopefully just the racket would deter a thief but
these days you just don't know.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Sorry to hear that Yuska, there's still a chance you'll get you're stuff back hopefully.
On a kind of related note. Don't grow Elephant Ears or another big plant or plants by you're front door, that would obscure the front door. A friend of mine had Elephant Ears all around her front porch. Around 11 in the morning a few years ago (she had just left), her front door was broke in, she was burglarized, her laptop and jewelry and some other small things were stolen. This lady was a little too trusting of people to begin with.
I always knew it wasn't good. When I'd go over there to visit, her blinds were up at nite and she'd sit on the couch on her laptop. The neighbors congregated and drank on the porch of the house next-door. The houses were about 10 feet apart. They could easily see what was going on in her house (she lived alone), she has since moved at great expense.
Unfortunately, she has little or no approach towards security still.
Oh well, Happy Thanksgiving!

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San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

I'm convinced the stuff is gone beyond all hope. At least maybe our neighborhood will be a bit more secure - several other nearby residents have followed my lead and activated alarm systems.

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