Trying to get the hang of growing epiphyllums in Council, ID

Council, ID(Zone 5a)

Hello from cold Calif. I had epies hanging from the trees! Still am addicted to them, but need plan of attack to keep them healthy and blooming in Idaho. They are alive and pretty healthy, but they like to be in hanging pots, OUTSIDE, and this is well and good until winter. It is now beginning to snow outside. My question is how to keep them happy until Spring comes around. I would appreciate any help..

Rutland , MA(Zone 5b)

hello and welcome from upstate new yorki.

i suggest you vist the communjity fourm and search for yhour area of the country and then ask your question once you find it.

Priest River, ID(Zone 5b)

Hi, I live in the Idaho panhandle and have a dozen epiphyllums. I have a sunporch that I can sort of heat in the winter. When it is cold(like sub zero) the porch will get down to 40 but most of the winter I can keep it 45-50. The epiphyllums I kept in there all bloomed this spring! I just bought 20 more cuttings to expand the group since they did so well without much fussing. If you can hang them even in a cool but light room in your house they will probably fare OK. Hope they made it through the winter and you are enjoying some blooms. Having something so beautiful in late winter/spring helps get through the long dark days.

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