Adenium question (last one for the day)

Arlington, TX

This grafted plant was ordered this past spring and has grown and bloomed well all summer. It does get lanky and needs some pruning next spring. I have cut back several branches and they keep growing back. I see it is producing some new branches on what looks to me like the grafting stock, will those be different from the main plant? I am debating about removing them or am I wrong about what I think I see?
Forgive the blurry pics, not sure what I have done to my camera today.

Thumbnail by newtonsthirdlaw
Yardley, PA

Your adeniums look great from what I can see. A lot of the picture didn't come out. Maybe you could post another one.

Arlington, TX

I am asking about the pic of the stem. It looks like a stem is starting from the grafting stock.

Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

In all plants stems from the grafting stalk growths are all trimmed away, as grafting stock are there for their roots, not the upper plant, which is usually a loser.

Arlington, TX

I dont want arabicum leaves and stems on this plant so the odd stems need to go.

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