Hydroton and Prime Agra

Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

From Orchid Board (http://www.orchidboard.com/community/semi-hydroponic-culture/11140-hydroton-vs-prime-agra.html )

"I have been using all s/h for about 3 months now after having read everything that I could find about the process. This makes me a beginner. However, it was easier for me to get Hydroton at times when Ray was recovering from surgery and I couldn't order PrimeAgra. I have a mixed collection of compact Catts, Phals, Phrags, and Paphs. What I can say is that with the Hydroton I have not yet killed a plant and everything seems to be making roots and growing. I had several Phrags in Diatomite as a short term trial but I did not think that was going so well and moved them into Hydroton. I even have a Paph S Gratrix making a spike and a Phal Orchid World 'Joe' spiking from a plant that had been in sorry shape last Fall. Everything I read and see tells me that the particular LECA medium might matter a little but conditioning it, being careful to move plants into s/h as they are starting to grow, using the right water and fertilizer, and getting a consistent routine probably matter more. I bet that we could make Aliflor, PrimeAgra, and Hydroton (or any other LECA product) work if the other things are done correctly for our particular growing situations."

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"Orchidjunky, I started with primeagra to start off repotting my 'chids'. I used a kit from First Ray's Orchids. I liked it so well I went to a local cash and carry like united grocers and picked up 25 32oz. clear plastic containers that they use for take out. I put 2 holes 1inch from the bottom of the container. I did switch over to Hydroton as I could find it near my home at a Hydrophonic store and it was much cheaper without the shipping charges. Gotta save a buck or two nowadays . All my orchids are in Hydroton or Primeagra and they are growing like crazy new growth on every plant. The 'chids' in the orchidarium are growing much faster then those on my plant stand. It works for me and I like what I can see through the clear pots."

Another thread:

Interesting comoparison, but not 100% on topic. My thought is the new prime agra looks like Hydroton.

It all centers on the wicking properties of the media, saying Prime Agra is best at wicking, but from the comparison, not featuring PA, I thought that Hydroton wicked well into the rooting zone.

Yesterday, I brought it up at the CCSS club meeting, and it turned out that one other is testing it. As I am, and planting to put my H saliconoides on it, which has always been a problem. I currently have Massonia depressa on it, Drimia harworthoides, Hippeastrum reticulatum var. striatifolium (non-succulent) and Schlum 'Marie'. Its been about 5 days, and I am going to give them their first Dyna-Gro fertilizer and see what happens. They have been on 24 hour soaked Hydroton, and straight water to water them.


Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Any reports on your experiences in the past thirty days?

Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

Massonia depressa was moved off it, as it seemed to stop growing during a time when it should be growing like mad, put on soil and its looking better. Other wise, all the others (most of my Rhipsalis, S. 'Marie' and now a generic Oncidium are on it. I plan to move more to it after the holiday insanity. But only epiphyites right now, and I may wait until the Epiphyllum growth period to start. I have started using Dyna-Gro K-L-M to soak my Hydroton and a mix of 50/50 KLM and Grow for the first watering. KLM is a rooting hormone/stimulator.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks and I appreciate the info on the Dyna Gro also.

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