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Any tips on installing Laminate flooring?

Crossville, TN

I have a 28 X 48 Manufactured home that I am going to do in laminate flooring...every room, bath and closets.

Have any of you done this and can tell me what will be the hardest part to do?

Thanks. Jo

Walkerton, VA(Zone 7a)

Installing laminate flooring looks deceptively easy. It is if:
1. You have all the correct tools and materials and I do mean all of them.
2. you are real handy.
3. your knees are as sound as an 18 Yr. old's

I tried doing it myself in a house I used to own. I'm real handy (helped build my first house). Had, I thought, all the right tools and I was 45 at the time. I gave up. There are lots of little tricks of the trade that will foul you up and make you ill-tempered. I ended up hiring a proffessional installer; and, after listening to lots of good natured cracks about being a "happy home owner" the job got done quickly and correctly.

If you can afford it, let an expert do it, and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of his/her labor.

Crossville, TN

RBB..Thanks for the advice...too late!! My son in law, and my 15YO DGS have about finished the job...only the small bath and laundry area left to do!!! I got a bed, TV and phone...table and easy chair moved over today so will be spending my first night in my new home. Thanks. Jo

Bardstown, KY(Zone 6a)

Jo, you shoulda bought me a plane ticket to AZ! I have laid it several times in our home. Not too hard to do, if as Bob said, you have the right tools.


Crossville, TN

Dougie...I would have enyoyed your company at least. your are dear and PRECIOUS> Jo

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