cleaning wipes

Brewster, MN(Zone 4b)

I'm getting to the bottom of the cleaning wipes I use on my lap top screen. They seem to have dried out quite a bit. Is there a way I could rehydrate them so I can use them all?

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I've had to do that once before. I used distilled water... but i always have that on hand.

For some reason, I am always leery about wiping the monitor... but i do recall wetting the dried up wipes and using them.

Brewster, MN(Zone 4b)

Thanks, I'll give it a try.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

I've been on computers since 1980 something and have always used Rubbing Alcohol as a cleaner for all parts of my computer.
But I'm not sure with a laptop screen now-a-days.

But for keyboards and other parts it is great. It drys VERY fast so there is little chance of it getting anything else wet under it (such as a keyboard) ... damp cloth in alcohol.

Zephyrhills, FL

Do not use any kind of alcohol to clean a LCD screen. Use water,with a little vinegar in it and use a microfibered cloth. A baby diaper or old Tee shirt is too rough,believe it or not.

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