Bulb depth

Ocean Springs, MS(Zone 8b)

My Amaryllis in the garden have pulled themselves down so all of the bulb is below the surface, do I need to leave them alone or do I need to dig them up and put them back in the ground with part of it above the ground.


Mountain View, CA(Zone 9b)

Hi, Stetchworth.
I'm sorry no one has replied sooner...
Unfortunately, I do not have experience with growing my amaryllises directly in the garden--mine are all in containers of some sort.
I have read, however, that too much soil pressure around the neck and on the shoulders of the bulb can cause the bulbs not to bloom. So, if you have noticed a decline in numbers of flowers amongst your bulbs, replanting them may be a good idea. I've also read that replanting like this can cause bulbs to flower soon after, so perhaps it would be better to do this in the spring just before the bulbs come out of dormancy.
Hope this helps.

Ocean Springs, MS(Zone 8b)

Thank you for replying, as soon as it warms up a bit I will dig them up and replant them.

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