Wood stove installation question

Salisbury, MD

I am looking at a Fisher Grandma Bear wood stove. I called the insurance company and she said I had to have 36" clearance from the back of the wood stove. The hearth has a cutoff on the front, but is pretty much a 48" square. One wall is the brick chimney and the adjacent wall is brick also. Does the brick make a difference in the clearance for the back of the stove, since it is all brick? If not, I am not sure how a wood stove would even fit there. I have attached a picture, and hopefully it helps. Thanks for any help!


Thumbnail by sdsferraro
Quincy, IL

Heym Danny,
yes the brick helps. the stove should have a plate on the back telling what the clearences are. if not, you can also add heat shield to the back of the stove to help reduce the clearance. It is a metal shield the has spacers about 1inch off the back of the stove.
hope that helps.

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