Will Canterbury Bells, Exh. Daisy, etc. take Southern heat?

Tuskegee, AL(Zone 8a)

Once again wondering if I can enjoy the same flowers I grew in the north now that I am in the sweltering south Alabama long-summer heat - z8b doesn't really describe it sufficiently.

Does anyone know? I believe they're listed as surviving to z8 and cooler, but I really don't want to nurse more plants that just can't make it here, and I'm in the midst of my seed buying for the spring.

I'm also considering Exhibition Daisy (very frilly). It's listed as surviving into zone 10, but I never see daisies thriving here..........

Pretoria, South Africa

I grew some Canterbury Bells a few years ago. They did very well, even though our summers get really hot. Don't know about the daisies, sorry...

Tuskegee, AL(Zone 8a)

Thanks for letting me know how they did for you, Elsa. I'm glad I can add some to my spring list.

Did you grow them in full sun? That's pretty much all I have here.....

I think I'll just take my chances with the daisies.

Pretoria, South Africa

They had sun for most of the day. If I remember correctly, they had shade towards late afternoon. I just kept them well watered. At the moment I have some Impatiens growing in full sun, and they are doing great, but I make sure that they get some water everyday.
Good luck,

Tuskegee, AL(Zone 8a)

My two choices are South and West sun -- lol. So, it's either sun all day, or sun from noon on, including our late afternoon sun, which is like a microwave.

I tried New Guinea impatiens in a slightly protected area behind some low shrubs a couple of years ago. I had seen them growing in full sun in New York. But, down here, the sun kept their foliage fried back no matter how much I watered. It's too bad because I love the colors and big blooms....

Thanks, Elsa.

(PS: I have some Bhut/Naga Jolokia seeds (I bought a whole pod) and have ordered some of the Chocolate form. I might have some of your other wants, too.)

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Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Canterbury Bells didn't do well in my garden. Along the SC coast where I live, the weather is very similar to that in the lower 1/2 of AL, this according to Sunset Zones which take heat, humidity, and such into account (whereas the regular zones are mostly only geared toward cold). The Sunset Zones include lower AL and Charleston, SC in the same zone along with lower LA, Mississippi, upper FL, and the SE section of TX.

Summers here are brutal. For much of July and August we have actual temps in the low 100's with humidity near 100% and 'feels like' temps as high as 114F sometimes for weeks at at time.

I would be interested to hear if you have success with Canterbury Bells. I think they are very lovely, but for me the fizzled once the heat started to ramp up.

Tuskegee, AL(Zone 8a)

I had read that the American Horticultural Society was working on a zonal system that took into account more growing conditions that the lowest winter temperature alone, but I didn't know they'd named it or put out maps yet.

The old system has misled me many times. I spent a fortune on plants over the years from Terra Nova Nurseries in the Northwest coastal Region, which is in the same zone, but their summers are nothing like ours.

Thanks for your input, DreamOfSpring. I'll have to see if I already ordered the seeds.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

I don't think the Sunset Zone Map is the one you are looking for. I'll find it a little later and post a link. I don't think it's the American Hort Society zones, but for my area, at least, I find it MUCH better than the ones we normally use. The Sunset Map has a LOT more than the 12 or 13 or so zones in the usual map, and it attempts to match up areas based on climates that are similar across the board including highs, lows, # of days at the highs and lows, humidity, and so forth.

In the 'regular' zone system, I'm in the same zone as areas in CA where summer temps are pretty much a constant 70 degrees F, rainfall is very low (vs I get 52in avg per yr) and humidity is also very low - but our winter temps are similar and that's why we are in the same zone. You can basically only pay attention to the regular zones with respect to winter weather, cold temps. That's it.

Pretoria, South Africa

I would love to grow some if you have a few seeds to spare. Let me know what I can send you in return.


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