Poured concrete vs.Skimstone vs concrete board?

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

I've wanted poured concrete counters in the kitchen for some time. Only two thing prevent it...Budget and husband's willingness. So I search high and low for a product called Skimstone and finally found it. Not sure if it's be cost prohibitive but instructions sure look labor intensive....SO...I saw a remodeling show that use the concrete board above a fireplace and the ole wheels & gears started spinning. If they could use it as a decorative element and it's used in bathrooms....Why can't I use it on my kitchen counters w/ heavy coating of (water proof) sealent?????

Lakeville, MN

I looked into this as well but found the concrete board to be too building materialish. Perhaps you have access to something more solid looking?

Lakeville, MN

The concrete board is usally quite varied in gray shades throughout the board.

Skim Stone is hard to pull of in my mind and not sure how durable it is. I also am seeing that getting the color you want may be difficult.

But concret board is so cheap, why not search for some that meet yours needs and go for it!

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

I was thinking about it too. Put the concrete board over your existing countertop, screwed in. Then put a border around the c.b. a little taller than the c.b, pour in the extra smooth cement, trowl it over and run a board over to level it, then you need something to vibrate the top from under the cabinet to let out bubbles, I read. Add color dust, remove the sides when dry, buff it and seal it. You can add crushed pearl in it for bling too. The sides can be done too with a little different temporary side wall or tiled or wood molding for the drip edge. There are a lot of youtube videos with several techniques to do this.

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