replacing window pane in door

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

Our back door has 12 diamond patterned glass panes on the top 1/2 of door. A modified dutch door style in one piece. One of them is broken. My dh says we need to take the door to the glass place for replacing as there is no putty. This piece of glass is maybe 7 in. @ the widest/longest. Not double glass. what you say?

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Missouri City, TX

Are these panes separate - true "divided lights"? Are the panes flat or beveled?

If they are separate panes and installed with wood dividers, there should be a way to disassemble the whole window, then separate the mullions around the broken piece and replace just that one.

This is not impossible for a handy-person, but might be a whole lot quicker (and maybe cheaper) if done by a professional. Take a picture then contact some local glass shops and ask when showing them the picture. Ask price and turnaround time.

When you find one you loke, take the door to them. Hopefully they can fix while you wait.

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

thank you Bubba. I looked @ both inside and outside and I did not see seams where seperate pieces of wood are joined. I will add this to my DH's TO DO list. This is a management - labor relationship!

Missouri City, TX

Some of what look like divided light doors are really just once piece of glass with a wood lattice on both sides to make it look like separate panes.

Good luck with your "working arrangement".

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