What are the best/most fragrant Christmas tree types?

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I sure miss balsam

We have frazier fir -- GREAT PERFECT shape ---- but fragrance....nah not so much

The branches are stiff enough for ornaments however.

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9a)

We always buy a Noble Fir - nice shape and strong branches for ornaments and great smell;o)

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I don't know what that is - Noble- I will have to look that up. Glad you got a good one.

Every single stand here has Frasier. Comes from the NC mountains - if it had a better fragrance - it would be perfect!

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9a)


Frasier's are beautiful, and since they come from your area at least you know they are fresh;o)

Noble Fir are native to northern California and parts of the Pacific Northwest. That's probably why we see a lot of them sold here in Arizona.

south central, WI(Zone 5a)

I like the smell of balsam and the Frasier for keeping ornaments.
The Noble firs that they sell here at the fancy garden center, are so tall and heavy..you have to have a few strong folk to set it up and a really wide water stand.

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